Tree Care Services

Pruning and Trimming

Maintaining the proper canopy structure is inherent to the health and longevity of a thriving tree.

The Science - Using the proper cutting techniques, as well as the knowledge behind the proper structure needed to allow for air flow, canopy light penetration, and dangerous growth structures that may lead to future failure are a few things we look for when pruning and trimming a tree.

The Art - This is needed to give our customers an aesthetically pleasing tree. We enjoy the challenge of balancing the science of proper Arboriculture practices, with the art of providing our customers with an aesthetically pleasing end result.

Removal and stump grinding

The removal of trees can sometimes be the most challenging and hazardous part of our work.

We specialize and have the equipment for tight quarter removals - meaning trees that are growing over structures, fence, and trees that are inaccessible to heavy equipment. We are competent in our ability to rig in complex situations, and will always take the extra precaution to provide our customers with the safest tree removal techniques possible.

Our stump grinder is able to handle any sized stump, and is 32 inches wide, allowing it to fit through most fence gates. If needed, we can remove fence panelling to allow for proper clearances. Practicing safe stump grinding techniques - we contact the 811 Dig line to notify and request they mark any underground utilities within 24 inches of the area of operation. Contacting the dig line is free to the customer, and is the safest practice to ensure all stump grinding operations go as seamless as possible.

Land Clearing

Our land clearing capabilities consist of the knowledge of proper felling techniques, having the proper heavy equipment for the jobsite, and a high efficiency working attitude. We treat every property we work on as if it is our own, and we truly feel this is reflected in our work.

Emergeny Tree Services

Being in the Treasure Valley, the weather can be quite unpredictable. The knowledge of certain growth patterns to look for, as well as the type of tree and it's tendencies to cope with varying changes in the weather is very important when it comes to protection of your property and assets. While evaluating a tree during assessments and estimates, we help to educate our customers in what to look for, and what might be a possible issue as the tree becomes more mature or is subject to changing weather patterns. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for any emergency issues, and we can shuffle our schedule to remove any hazardous tree situation that arises.